In fact, photography is a visual language, and the effects of words on our minds are quite deep and many. Today, we can say dozens of things by looking at a single photo, or we can write a whole book from a single text. In this study, We wanted to bring both cases together. We tried to combine both awareness and to increase the emotional metaphors it creates in people.

Macro shots were the way to give the effect we wanted. Part of the image and its combination with the text field. The effect of the letters and words coming out of the texts on the visual was very important. Also, the areas I blurred were important to me. We just wanted to give more detail in the visible areas, as if they were hiding something.

We used black and white and colored areas in our work. Here, we tried to determine the color tones according to the content of the study. We tried to increase the effect we wanted to give, in the same way, with both macro shots and color us. All photographs are unique!

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