We recently published a story about the NFT world. Let’s get those who are curious to this link. As 66pixel, we have always aimed to do pioneering work in the field of photography in Turkey. Now 66pixel has published its own collection on opensea.

The name of the collection, which consists of a total of 66 works, is “66pixel Neon Collection“. This collection was formed by the abstract interpretation of different and wonderful photographs taken between 2005 and 2021 with neon objects. In all of these 66 photos, numbers that are the same as the collection number are also hidden in each photo. All photos were worked with the Neon world more creatively and in different areas.

Within the relative structure of art, each work will contain similar and different definitions by its interpreter. However, the main words of the collection: life, death, love, fun, power, transitions between dimensions and time can be specified. These works are unique in the world. The mixture of the real and the abstract has gained a much different meaning with the Neon world!

You can also browse the related NFT collection by visiting the opensea site.